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Chemspec Professional Spot Lifter(119072) a premium solution designed to tackle tough stains and spills with ease.

Formulated for professional use, this potent spot lifter is your go-to product for swiftly and effectively removing stubborn stains from carpets, upholstery, and other fabric surfaces.

Infused with Biosolv technology, it penetrates deep into fibers to break down and lift away even the most stubborn spots, leaving surfaces clean and refreshed.

Ideal for use in commercial settings or for professional cleaning services, our Professional Spot Lifter delivers exceptional results without the need for excessive scrubbing or rinsing.

Elevate your cleaning game and achieve professional-quality results with our Professional Spot Lifter fortified with Biosolv.


  • FORM: Liquid RTU
  • RTU PH: 9.06
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