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Avenge Pro 12 oz, a meticulously crafted blend of builders, surfactants, and solvents that synergistically work together to tackle a wide array of stains. With its balanced formulation, Avenge Pro simplifies stain removal by addressing 95% of stains with just one product.

A standout feature of Avenge Pro is its ability to move stains into foam rather than dispersing them into adjacent fibers, ensuring thorough removal. Compatible with All Solv Extreme™ and most other solvents used on stains, this product aids in the free rinsing of remaining solvents and stains from fibers, facilitating a clean finish.

Avenge Pro isn't just limited to common stains; it's designed to confront even the toughest challenges, including protein stains like egg, blood, and grass stains, as well as more resilient stains. With Avenge Pro, you have a versatile and effective solution for achieving exceptional stain removal results.


  • Form: Liquid
  • pH: 9.5
  • Dilution Ratio: RTU
  • Certification: Green Balance
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