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Why Safety Gear is Important for Your Water Restoration Project

Why Safety Gear is Important for Your Water Restoration Project

Whether you're tackling a water restoration project yourself or hiring professionals to get the job done, the same rule applies - safety first.  Without the proper safety gear, you’re risking damage to both your skin and your internal organs. 

To ensure that the job is performed safely and effectively, we recommend the following protective gear and products:

  • Hardhat. Gotta protect your head!  You never know when a water-damaged roof could collapse or an accidental head bump may happen.
  • Eye protection. Always protect your precious eyes.  Wearing goggles could prevent chemicals or contaminated water from getting into your eyes.
  • Protective clothing. Disposable coveralls are perfect for protecting your skin from chemicals, asbestos, and other safety hazards.    
  • Chemically-resistant gloves. Just as you’re protecting your head, eyes, and skin, your hands must be included in that equation.  Gloves can reduce the impact of chemicals on your skin and can protect your hands from cuts when moving objects.  
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes and particles could cause illness.  Respirators protect your lungs from any chemicals or fumes in the air.
  • Heavy-duty tarp. In addition to protecting your body, you need to make sure your surroundings are safe.  Having an all-purpose heavy-duty tarp on hand will help to minimize any accidental slips and falls, and will keep the area contained.

Questions about our large selection of safety gear, equipment, chemicals, and tools for your water restoration project?  We’re here to help.

Looking to hire a professional industry leader for your water restoration project?  Contact our partners at Water Resto USA today.

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