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Prochem Paint Oil Grease & Remover (101270) Our Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover excel at tackling stubborn oil-based stains such as tree sap, tar, blacktop track-off, dried oil-based paint, lipstick, nail polish, rubber and plastic wheel marks, as well as many types of inks. Its non-volatile dry solvent formulation renders it less hazardous compared to other paint, oil, and grease removers. It's safe for use on any solvent-safe surface, including most synthetic and natural fibers, as well as hard surfaces like glass and tile. It rinses clean with a water-based detergent and is approved for sale in California. Don't forget to check out our Tech Tips for expert advice on spot and stain removal.


  • RTU pH: N/A
  • Dilution: Ready to use—no dilution necessary
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