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Prochem Dry Slurry

Prochem Dry Slurry, renowned as the industry's gold standard in alkaline extraction rinses, delivers unmatched power suitable for both one-step and two-step hot water extraction cleaning. Formulated to be gentle, it's safe for use on 5th generation stain-resist nylon carpets. Whether used with truckmounts or portables, it's compatible with most synthetic fibers. Enhanced with a solvent boost, it's unmatched in eliminating heavy greasy soils, grime, and lingering prespray residues.



  • Product Type: Alkaline Extraction Rinse
  • Compatibility: Suitable for 5th generation stain-resist nylon carpets and most synthetic fibers.
  • Application: Ideal for both one-step and two-step hot water extraction cleaning.
  • Equipment Compatibility: Usable with truckmounts and portables.
  • Formulation: Solvent-boosted for enhanced cleaning.
  • RTU PH: 9.6–9.9
  • Coverage: One 6 lb. jar makes up to 1,040 gals. of RTU solution. Approximately 400 sq. ft. coverage per diluted gallon.
  • Dilution for Portables: 0.5 to 1.5 oz. per 5 gals. of water
  • Dilution for Truckmounts: 3 cups per 5 gals. of water.


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