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OdorX Thermo 55 KBG(119824) – a potent heat-activated odor counteractant that stands out for its efficacy. Harnessing a blend of meticulously purified petroleum solvents and odor-controlling essential oils, Thermo 55 forms a vapor barrier, effectively blocking malodors from permeating the living space. This solvent-based solution is offered in a variety of pleasing scents and is particularly effective for combating odors associated with structural fires. It's also highly adept at removing tobacco-related odors.


  • FORM : RTU
  • APPEARANCE: Transparent light yellow liquid
  • Flash Point:  KBG: 183°F | 84°C

Thermo-55 is intended for use with thermal fogging devices only.

  • Mixing: Do not dilute. Use full strength.
  • Application: Apply using a thermal fogger at a rate of 0.5–1.5 ounces per thousand cubic feet.
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