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Tiger Tough Heavy Duty Containment Zipper: Your Ultimate Solution for Dust & Debris Control.  Superior Design for Optimal Containment.

Introducing our Tiger Tough Heavy Duty Containment Zipper - the perfect solution for creating an airtight seal and instant barriers in any environment. With a 7ft long extra strong 3-inch wide adhesive strip, this zipper provides a tight seal, keeping your workspace clean and free from dust & debris. The double-sided pull design allows for effortless opening from both sides, ensuring smooth and snag-free operation.

Versatility for Every Project
Our Containment Zipper is a game-changer for a wide range of applications. From construction sites to DIY home projects, this zipper makes creating access points and makeshift structures a breeze. Ideal for enclosed spaces like wedding tents, shelters, greenhouses, and even automotive repair areas, you can quickly create custom windows, doors, and access to entire rooms with ease.

Air & Water Tight Seal for Optimal Protection

Seal your work environment effectively with our airtight zipper door. It acts as a barrier against dust, debris, bugs, and even water, making it ideal for outdoor camping and backpacking trips. You can now enjoy bug-free evenings in tents, outhouses, and other structures.

Easy Installation with Quick Tips

Installing the Containment Zipper is a simple and hassle-free process:
1. Peel off the sticky backing paper
2. Attach the zipper by pressing it firmly onto the sheet
3. Open the zipper all the way up
4. Use the zipper knife to cut through the sheet
5. For a functional zipper door, use a pair of zippers and hold it open using the flap hooks.

Invest in Tiger Tough Heavy Duty Containment Zipper today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your containment needs. Make your workspace cleaner, safer, and more organized with our reliable and durable zipper solution.


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