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Fiberlock ShockWave RTU Disinfectant & Cleaner Concentrate

Fiberlock ShockWave RTU Disinfectant & Cleaner Concentrate is designed for hassle-free disinfection and cleaning. This versatile solution makes it simple to maintain a clean and germ-free environment. Enjoy the benefits of effortless disinfection with ShockWave RTU.




  • EPA Registered on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Registered for sewer/black water remediation
  • Over 120 organism kill claims


This product is particularly suitable for use in water damage restoration situations to sanitize against odor causing bacteria on the following porous and semi-porous materials: carpets, carpet cushion, subfloors, drywall, trim and frame lumber, tackless strip and paneling. Use as supplied, saturate affected materials with enough product to remain wet for at least 10 minutes. Use proper ventilation.


Preclean all heavily soiled surfaces prior to product application. To clean, deodorize and disinfect, apply product with a cloth, sponge or other suitable applicator until surface is thoroughly wet. Wait 10 minutes, and wipe dry or air dry. Do not use on glasses, dishes or utensils.


Kills Trichophyton mentagrophytes on hard nonporous surfaces. Spray solution making sure to wet all surfaces completely. Wait 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid or allow to air dry.


This product deodorizes garbage storage areas, empty garbage bins and cans, exterior surfaces of toilet bowls and any other odor-causing areas. Spray solution making sure to wet all surfaces completely. Allow to air dry.

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