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Get a Sneak Peek of Our Durable and Versatile Tiger Tough  LAY-FLAT Ducting, Designed to Optimize the Performance of Air Scrubbers, Dehumidifiers, and Negative Air Machines. 4 MIL - 13" X 500'

Crafted from lightweight and robust polyethylene, this ducting boasts exceptional durability, making it reusable and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. You can rely on its unmatched performance in various conditions, as it remains unaffected by moisture and most chemicals.

Available size

  • 16" x 500' - 2 mil
  • 22" x 500' - 2 mil
  • 13" x 500' - 4 mil

Compatible With:

  • 16" Tiger 2616 – Phoenix 4024935: Compatible with Phoenix GuardianR Pro HEPA System, Phoenix Guardian, DrizAir 4000i Desiccant, Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR, Phoenix DryMAX BLE, Phoenix R175 / R250, Phoenix 250 MAX, Phoenix D385, Phoenix D850.

  • 22" Tiger 2617 – Phoenix 4024936: Works perfectly with Phoenix DryMAX XL LGR Dehumidifier, Phoenix Guardian, Nikro HEPA System.

  • 13" Tiger 2618 – (Dri-Eaz F268, 108746): Designed for Dri-Eaz Evolution LGR; DriTec Pro 150; DrizAir 2400, DrizAir LGR 2000; DrizAir 1200; DefendAir HEPA500.

    Key Features:

    • Reusable and Durable: Tiger Tough Layflat Ducting can be used multiple times, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.
    • Abrasion and Chemical Resistance: Its rugged construction ensures resistance against wear and tear, as well as protection against chemicals.
    • Compact and Portable: Rolls or folds flat with ease, allowing for effortless transport and space-saving storage.
    • Versatile Applications: Ideal for use with air scrubbers, negative air machines, and dehumidifiers, optimizing their effectiveness.

    Upgrade your air filtration and dehumidification systems with Tiger Layflat Ducting, providing unmatched efficiency and performance for your industrial and commercial needs.

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