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We hope you never have to deal with the aftermath of a flood on your property - it’s no fun.  But, should it occur, we want you to be prepared with the appropriate flood restoration equipment. 

Whether you’re purchasing for business or personal use, these are the most important items to have on hand to restore your home or business after a flood: 

  • LGR Dehumidifier. LGR stands for low-grain refrigerant.  Although it dehumidifies similarly to a standard dehumidifier, it is much more powerful and works in a broader temperature range.  Our DriEaz F412 LGR 7000 XLI is highly rated and among the best dehumidifiers available. 
  • Air Mover. Also known as air blowers, air movers work alongside dehumidifiers to quickly dry parts of a home like drywall, flooring, and carpet.  There are two main types of air blowers. Axial air blowers are used to dry materials like flooring from the top down. Centrifugal air movers (often referred to as snail shells) are used when guiding air to specific areas, like under cabinets or behind drywall because they can change the direction of the air they're blowing.
  • Air Purifier. Air purifiers, also known as air scrubbers, play an important part in major jobs that include a lot of dust or mold. If there's category 3, or black water, damage, air purifiers are necessary to help remove the bacteria and harmful elements the water left in the affected areas.
  • Moisture Detector. Moisture detectors are small handheld devices that identify water damage around drywall, flooring, trim, and other surfaces. They can also detect the severity of the damage.
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