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TITAN 4000 Hydroxyl Generator with Hydroxyl Maximizer UVA/TIO2, Remove Odors Kill Germs & Clean the Air

Titan 4000 Max is a true hydroxyl generator. Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive oxidizing molecules that are formed when humidity (H20) passes by the photocatalytic process. This process uses a Titanium Dioxide (TI02) catalyst and ultra violet (UVA) lamp in the 365nm-385nm spectrum. Once the hydroxyl radicals are created, a high volume fan disperses the molecules in the direction of the contaminated treatment area to decompose organic and inorganic pathogens in to carbon dioxide (C02) and water.
Titan Hydroxyl generators work great for mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses, voc’s, ect. Designed for homes, office buildings, schools, daycare centers, super markets, ect.
Titan 4000 is rated for up to 40,000 cu/ft treatment area when paired with Hydroxyl Maximizer humidity generator.




  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • Works great for mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses, voc’s, ect.
  • For homes, office buildings, schools, daycare centers, super markets
  • Rated for up to 40,000 cu/ft treatment area when paired with maximizer


  • Model :Titan 4000
  • Voltage: 110 Volt
  • Cycles: 50/60 Hertz
  • Amperage: 5 Amp
  • Fan Output: 5000 CFM Max.
  • Max. Treatment Area: 40,000 Cubic Feet
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 26″ x 12″
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Filtration: 20” x 20” Washable

Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer is a cold vapor humidity generator. The Hydroxyl maximizer when filled with water will produce a very fine cold-water vapor. **This machine should be placed 4-5 inches behind any hydroxyl generator in order to supply humidity (H20) to the intake or filter side of the hydroxyl generator. The Hydroxyl maximizer will make your Titan 4000 and Titan 2000 perform like they are on steroids.

One thing you will not have to worry about while creating cold vapor is actually raising the humidity in the structure. Once the humidity is processed by a hydroxyl generator’s photocatalytic process the water molecule is transformed into a single hydrogen (H) and a hydroxyl radical (OH). The Titan Hydroxyl Generator will hold enough water to run 4-5 days.

Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator is the only true commercial hydroxyl machine on the market. Unlike other fake Hydroxyl generators that produce ozone and are not safe for occupied areas, Titan utilizes 365nm to385nm UVA TiO² Coated Photocatalytic Lamps and a permanent Anatase TiO² Coated Super Reactor Screen. This reactor screen is designed to hold the maximum amount of highly reactive Nano Sized Anatase Titanium Dioxide, and as a result, electron hole pairs are formed that react with H²O and O² in the air to produce Free Electrons, Hydroxyl Radicals and Ionized Hydro-Peroxides. When these molecules are dispersed by the fan they will decompose organic and inorganic gases and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.

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