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Prochem Ultrapac Extreme - Jar (112252 employs cutting-edge nanotechnology "micro-robots" to effectively capture and suspend soils, facilitating swift and efficient removal. With a sophisticated buffering system maintaining stable pH levels, coupled with its innovative Hydrocoating Technology, this solution dissolves rapidly even in cold water and remains stable up to 212°F / 100°C. Its ready-to-use formula remains homogeneous and can be stored for several weeks without separation. Ultrapac Extreme isn't limited to carpets—try it on tile and grout for remarkable results. Check the User Guide (found in the "Documents" section below) for detailed instructions.


  • FORM: Powder
  • RTU PH: 12.0
  • DILUTION PUMP SPRAYER: 1 scoop per gal. of water (using provided scoop)
  • DILUTION INJECTION SPRAYER: 8 scoops per 5 qts. of water (using provided scoop)
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