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The Phoenix Focus II is a powerful, ultra-compact air mover engineered to deliver outstanding drying performance.

The Phoenix Focus II features an optimized outlet shape and patent-pending design. This allows the unit to deliver over 1,000 CFM of high-velocity airflow over a 50% larger area than other low-profile air movers. In short: you can move more air faster over a wider area for ultra-efficient drying.

On a busy job site, every amp counts. The Phoenix Focus II draws just 1.1 amps (about half the power draw of standard snail shell/axial units), which means you can daisy-chain up to 10 units off a single household circuit, maximizing your drying power.

For drying walls, cabinets, stairs, or ceilings, the Phoenix Focus II is stable on all five sides, so you can adjust the drying position as needed to for maximum flexibility.

With the ultra-compact design, you can fit up to FOUR TIMES the number of Phoenix Focus II air movers in your truck or trailer compared to full-size axial air movers. Every drying job instantly becomes more efficient and profitable with the Phoenix Focus II’s in your arsenal.

Though these units are built small, they’re also built tough. Featuring rugged molded-in handles and interlocking features, the Phoenix Focus II air mover is easy to lift, move, or stack as needed.

Plus, the handy easy-winding cord wrap and dual cord wrap options keep your power cord secure and your vehicle or storage area neat and tidy.

  • Draws only 1.1 amps
  • Daisy chain up to 10 on one 15-amp circuit
  • HALF the size of other low-profile air movers
  • Carry two in one hand easily
  •  Only 15 ½ lbs.
  •  1,015 CFM
  •  Dual stacking options
  •  Dual cord wrap options
  •  Convenience Outlet
  •  Lighted Plug
  •  Multiple Drying Positions
  •  Patented Focus Corners
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