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ODORx Thermo-2000(115968) a potent water-based odor counteractant specially formulated for thermal fogging. Its neutralizing and pairing agents work together to effectively suppress or eliminate a wide variety of tough odors. Tailor your choice of fragrance to best complement the malodors being treated for optimal results.


  • Form: RTU
  • pH: 5.07.0
  • Appearance: Straw colored liquid
  • Specific gravity: 1.02 (8.5 lbs. per gal.)
  • Flash Point:
    • Cherry: <200°F
    • 93.3°C
    • Citrus: <200°F
    • 93.3°C
    • Fragrance Free: <200°F
    • 93.3°C
    • KBG: 232°F
    • 111°C
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