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Why You Should Consider Getting Your Carpet Cleaning Technician License

Why You Should Consider Getting Your Carpet Cleaning Technician License

Think about your day-to-day life and the types of services you schedule for yourself and your family.  Whether it’s a hair appointment, a visit to the chiropractor, or a service for your car, going to a licensed professional will give you the confidence to trust their work.  The same applies to our industry.  Becoming IICRC-certified will give you the technical skills, qualifications, expertise, and confidence your customers expect so that you can do the job right - the first time. 

Considered the gold standard of credentials in the cleaning and restoration industry, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a professional certification coalition that — in addition to providing training — sets best-practice standards for the restoration, cleaning, and inspection industries.  When a technician is IICRC-certified, it means that they've satisfied all of the core competencies necessary to be a true carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and inspection professional. 

Being IICRC certified reduces your risk of liability on the job.  Restoration work is dangerous, both to your crew and your customers.  Dealing with major water damage or black mold remediation without the proper IICRC training and certification can lead to serious injury and the potential for legal action.  You can reduce that threat by making sure you and your crew are up-to-date on the latest standards and procedures.  Carpet and upholstery cleaning pose less of a health risk, but the wrong chemical or cleaning method can cause permanent and expensive damage.  

Interested in becoming an IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician?  Our educational course is for you!  It will enable you to be confident on every job, no matter what the customer asks you or what the cleaning challenges are. Emphasis will be placed on the process and principles of carpet cleaning, how to remove stubborn stains, how to prevent stains from returning, and the chemistry of carpet stains.  Hands-on training is included.

Topics Include:

  • The Process and Principles of Carpet Cleaning
  • Fibers and Identification
  • The Chemistry of Carpet Stains
  • Carpet Construction
  • Cleaning Methods
  • Stain Resistant Capabilities
  • Use of Chemicals in Spotting
  • Carpet Installation Methods
  • After Cleaning Treatments 

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