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6 Different Ways to Use Your Containment Zipper

6 Different Ways to Use Your Containment Zipper

Tiger Tough’s Containment Zipper creates an instant door between plastic sheeting, tarps, dust barriers, screens, and other temporary containment and construction walls.  This seven-foot adhesive heavy-duty zipper has an air and water-tight seal, keeping away dust, debris, and water.  The zipper is double-sided, to allow for easy opening on both sides. 

So, what types of things can you use this Containment Zipper for?  Let’s take a look.

  • Home Improvement. Working on a home project like painting or sanding?  Use the Containment Zipper to seal off windows, doors, and entire rooms, keeping them dust-free.
  • Commercial Jobs. Isolate your work area to reduce dust and other harmful airborne particles.  Bonus: the added protection of a water-tight seal.
  • Our Containment Zipper is great for keeping overspray in a controlled environment. 
  • Camping and Outdoors. Provide protection from bugs, rain, and sandstorms in tents, outhouses, and other structures while camping and backpacking.
  • Automotive. Use the Containment Zipper to create access points for various automotive repairs, like broken windows.
  • Makeshift Structures. Quickly create custom windows, doors, and access to entire rooms. Ideal for enclosed structures such as wedding tents, shelters, and greenhouses.

Now that you know the multitude of ways you can use your Containment Zipper, here are some helpful tips to set it up:

  1. Peel off the sticky paper at the backing
  2. Attach the zipper by pressing it on the sheet
  3. Open the zipper all the way up
  4. Use the zipper knife to cut through the sheet
  5. Use a pair of zippers to create a zipper door that can be held open using the flap hooks

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